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our goal

aiR is dedicated to expediting the integration and implementation of AI technology that is capable of significantly improving patient outcomes.

The use of AI technology has tremendous potential to improve patient care, but integrating and implementing these solutions can be a complex and challenging process.

aiR is committed to making this process easier by accelerating the integration and deployment of AI in patient care management. By streamlining this integration, aiR aims to help healthcare providers provide better care to their patients, while also reducing costs and improving efficiency.

With its dedication to practical and accessible AI solutions, aiR is poised to play a critical role in the ongoing transformation of the healthcare industry.

Safety and Ethics

Establishing and adhering to impeccable standards is critical for ensuring responsible and ethical outcomes in the AI industry. By tactically integrating these ethical principles, we can cultivate trust and develop strong partnerships, which are crucial for driving accelerated scientific discovery within sustainable ecosystems.

As a responsible player in the AI industry, we prioritize the incorporation of core tenets such as mitigating potential biases, safeguarding data privacy, and ensuring information accuracy into our solutions.

Leading Edge AI Research

In the AI industry, aiR is leveraging the capabilities of AI and machine learning to drive progress in critical areas such as disease understanding, drug discovery, and healthcare delivery enhancement. Our primary objective is to promote advancements in health research by combining cutting-edge research, targeted financial support, and access to top-tier health data sets.

Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the broader goal of improving healthcare outcomes and enhancing patient care, while also staying at the forefront of innovation in the field of AI.

Facilitating Partnerships

The AI industry is constantly evolving, and at aiR, we recognize the importance of staying at the forefront of this rapidly changing field. By actively promoting collaborations within the research community, we create a space for experts to share their knowledge and insights, fostering innovation and creativity.

Mobilizing AI Into Practice

In the AI industry, healthcare is a critical area where AI has the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes and support medical professionals. However, delivering AI solutions to patients can be a challenging and intricate process. At aiR, we recognize that addressing these obstacles requires a collaborative approach that involves engaged stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem.


Shaping the Canadian Health AI Ecosystem

Commercial application of AI is a priority for the second phase of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, with investments totaling more than $550M. The healthcare sector presents opportunities for high societal impact to AI developers: contributing to earlier and more accurate diagnosis, advanced personalized care, increased confidence in decision-making, and improved patient outcomes.

However, further efforts are needed to shape the Canadian Health AI Ecosystem in order to achieve this great potential. aiR is working towards growing and prospering this ecosystem that sees innovations go efficiently from the laboratory to the bedside. This ecosystem will ultimately bridge the gap between scientific research and patient care by leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions to accelerate the development and delivery of innovative therapies.

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Canada is the first country to establish a comprehensive AI strategy. It has three national AI Institutes and five hundred and fifty million dollars in public investments.

Ethical & Responsible AI

A growing number of people are contemplating whether they should invest in “Responsible AI” projects and solutions that tackle emerging technologies in an ethical manner.

It has become increasingly apparent that “Responsible AI” is more than just meeting regulatory standards. We must establish sustainable solutions that position the industry for success, ensuring that AI systems benefit the environment, society, employees, users, and those who receive AI solutions today and in the future.

aiR is taking steps to advance the global AI conversation and identify the resources, focus areas, prioritization considerations, and investments necessary to construct sustainable AI systems for the future. These discussions are fluid and constantly evolving, with no set standard for achieving ethical AI.

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Case Study

COVID Long-Hauler Project

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has been a valuable platform for sharing and discussing real-time experiences. This wealth of information can also be useful to researchers seeking to uncover insights into post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PACS), commonly known as Long COVID.

To tap into this resource, we propose using entity-extraction methods to provide clinical insights before defining downstream tasks. Our work aims to bridge the gap between state-of-the-art entity recognition models and the extraction of clinically relevant entities from Twitter data.

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