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What We Do

aiR creates and promotes a collaborative environment for joint research efforts among experts in the field, bringing together researchers and scientists to tackle contemporary health issues.

At Roche, we believe in building a dynamic community focused on driving innovation and finding solutions to the healthcare challenges we face today.

Safety and Ethics

To ensure responsible and ethical outcomes in our collaborations, clinical implementation practices, and AI solution design, it is crucial that we establish and adhere to faultless standards. By incorporating these ethical principles in a tactical manner, we can foster trust and build strong relationships, which in turn drives accelerated scientific discovery within sustainable ecosystems.

We strive to incorporate the core tenets of responsible AI, such as mitigating potential biases, safeguarding data privacy, and ensuring information accuracy, into our solutions. Our models are designed with fairness and explainability as paramount considerations.

Leading Edge AI Research

At Roche, we are harnessing the power of AI and machine learning in several key areas, including disease understanding, drug discovery, and healthcare delivery enhancement. Our goal is to advance health research by integrating leading-edge research, focused financial backing, and access to high-quality health data sets.

Facilitating Partnerships

With aiR, we aim to actively promote and support collaborations within the research community. By forming lasting partnerships with academic communities, we can facilitate the exchange of knowledge and enhance AI solutions, ultimately fueling scientific innovations.

Mobilizing AI Into Practice

The utilization of AI in healthcare holds tremendous potential for enhancing patient outcomes and supporting medical professionals. However, the process of delivering AI solutions to patients can be a complex and demanding one. At aiR, we believe these obstacles can be mitigated by creating a thriving environment of engaged stakeholders who work together to drive forward initiatives across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Our Approach

Open Science

Fostering and adopting Open Science for a better healthcare system.

The standard of practice in our aiR innovation ecosystems revolves around Open Science, which emphasizes open community engagement, pan-access to data, and public availability of solutions to challenges. Our Open Science approach, co-created with health community stakeholders, transforms access to open health data into a call to action for AI & data science communities.

Our aim is to establish lasting partnerships within the healthcare ecosystem based on trust and a shared healthcare mission, leading to improved patient health outcomes.

Community-Driven Open Science With AI: A Transformative Research Framework

Open science is the approach of enhancing transparency, inclusivity, and openness in the scientific research process. Numerous examples demonstrate how open science has expedited the creation of solutions for improving public health. At aiR, we believe open science can transform healthcare positively by improving treatment access, decision-making, patient engagement, and health outcomes.

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AI-based Precision Oncology Platform for Development of RNA-based Predictive Biomarkers of Drug Response

A Collaboration with UHN

Improving the matching of patients to therapies in precision oncology is a significant challenge. Current initiatives have shown a low proportion of patients with actionable tumor mutations associated with drug response.

This project aims to develop an AI-based platform using RNA-seq data to assist in matching cancer patients to therapies. The system’s main innovation is leveraging large-scale preclinical pharmacogenomic data and clinical trial datasets to expand the pool of candidate drug response biomarkers.

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Working closely with Roche really increased the transnational potential of our project. The complementary expertise and unique vision of our Roche collaborators allowed us to focus on creating a biomarker discovery process that was the most innovative and clinically relevant while embracing the core principles of Open Science. A winning combination!”

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Career Opportunities

By attracting top talent with diverse backgrounds, Roche collaborates to drive innovation and improve healthcare.

Roche is a great place to work because of its dynamic and inclusive work culture, cutting-edge technology, and its focus on making a positive impact on the lives of patients.

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